Working from home or Quarantined?

If you are like many others and have transitioned to working from home, below are some things that you might find useful.

As like most areas, our gyms and rec centers are closed along with schools and even some daycare centers. With spring arriving, our yards are full of mud, water, and snow and sometimes just aren’t as fun to play in. So we’ve compiled some shortcuts to help you stay active and involved.

Did you know that Amazon Prime members can watch workout videos for FREE? Yes, I said free! This is a great way to get up and moving all while staying home in quarantine. Here are a few shortcut links to a few of our favorites: (affiliate links)

Kids –

Kickboxing –

Pilates –

Yoga –

Zumba –

What are your favorite free online workout videos? 
Post a comment to let us know.

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