Salt Lamp on sale

We love our salt lamp! It is the best natural glow night light for having to get up in the middle of the night with little ones. (Great gift idea for new parents! And calming too!)

Salt lamp

This Salt Lamp is on sale for $8.00 (down from $16.82)… this is a small one. There is also this larger one for the same price.

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Revlon one step hair styler

This is a great hair tool, it’s on sale right now and currently has an additional 20% off clickable!

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Best Zit Stoppers Ever!

We LOVE these Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers! Tried and true… used many times by yours truly. Seriously, these things rock. Sorry for the disgusting before & after photos, but it is proof that these things really work. Best part, they are already reasonable, but are on sale right now! The 3 pack is on sale!

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    **These views are our own and are in no way associated with Amazon **

Yes. GROSS. That is the nastiness that came out of my face onto these amazingly heroic things.